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How to hide series applications on iPad / iPhone

How to hide series applications on iPad / iPhone

We are very many users who have criticized Apple’s obsession with including as standard a number of unnecessary applications for ordinary mortals, but not only that, but the mania of not allowing us to eliminate them at will. With the arrival of iCloud Drive if we were activated a switch to choose whether or not we wanted to see that icon on the Springboard, so the possibility is and Apple knows how to do it. With iOS 9.3 we have opened the possibility of hiding these iPad serial applications, it is not the fast and simple way we all would like, but it works, which will allow us to stop seeing once and for all applications such as “Bag”.

Once again, Reddit It is a source of information like no other, this is how we have known about the possibility of hiding these stock applications and how we have got to work with it to teach you how to do it.

It really is simpler than it may sound, but you have to have some knowledge about iOS. For this we will use the “Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta”And we will create a profile in which we have established the“ do not allow some applications ”parameters restricting the use of the application. We simply have to add the ID of the applications in question, whose list we leave below. How it sounds like Chinese, I know, we have prepared a video for you so you don’t lose any detail about how easy it is. Finally we will install the profile and those applications will disappear.

Device Preparation

We will have to restore the device to iOS 9.3, remember this well. To be able to hide the applications, the device must be in supervisory mode in Apple Configurator 2.2 Beta, for this we must restore the device to iOS 9.3 with the .ipsw that we have achieved and not touch the device once restored. Then we will plug it into Apple Configurator and click on the “Prepare” function pop-up, it is easy and simple, but the device should be clean.

We advise you to make a backup of the device in iTunes, in this case I personally advise iTunes instead of iCloud for reasons of time. Make sure you also have enough battery and go ahead, let’s restore the device to iOS 9.3. Remember that iOS 9.3 backups are not valid for iOS 9.2, so think about it before updating. Also remember that even if it is a beta, when it reaches the latest version it is identical to the official version, so you will not have to restore again.

Explanatory video tutorial to hide applications

Application ID list to hide – – – – – – – – Mapscom. apple.Music – Mú – – – – iTunes – – Voice – Tiempocom .apple.podcasts – – Game – – Find my Amigoscom. apple.iBooks – – Search for – – – – – – – News

Profile Installation


Once finished, we save the profile in which we have configured the deactivation of these applications, and then proceed to install the profile itself on the iOS device. We will then restart the device to see how the applications have disappeared from the Springboard. It is indeed easier than it seems, but in case of doubt we have included the explanatory video. However, we will always assist you if you ask us any question in the comment box, at Actualidad iPad we are here to help you and we love to bring you the best explained and updated tutorials. Easy, right?

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