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How to handle backups with iTunes


In Actuality iPad we have insisted that our readers know how to handle iTunes and get the most out of their devices. We have already made a first approach to how to handle iTunes in our first article and how to install applications in the second. Today we are going to dedicate the article and our video to how to handle iTunes backups. Create backups, view available backups, restore backups … Everything you need so that if you ever have to resort to them, you don’t have the slightest problem.

iOS allows us to configure automatic backup in iCloud. Once a day, when our device is charging and connected to a WiFi network, a backup will be performed automatically which will be stored in our iCloud account. It is a very comfortable option and also the most recommended because this way we will always have our updated backup. The “problem” of the iCloud backup is that it cannot be restored whenever we want, only when we restore our device, which is sometimes impractical.

On the other hand iTunes allows us to make a backup copy stored on our computer, even encrypted if we want. That copy can be restored whenever we want, without the need to restore the device, which is quite comfortable. But it has a “problem”, and we must remember to do it and connect our device to the computer. That is why the recommended configuration (in my opinion) is to have the automatic copy in iCloud and make manual copies in iTunes from time to time.

Within iTunes preferences we can also always see what copies we have made of our devices and delete those that are already old or are devices that we do not use and thus free up space on our hard drive.

We leave you below with a video in which you can see this and much more in action, so that it is completely clear to you.

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