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How to fix error -54 in iTunes


Causes of error -54

  • Corrupt download or incomplete installation of iTunes.
  • The library is corrupt.
  • Corrupt Windows registry entry due to a software change related to iTunes that has been recently (installation or uninstallation).
  • Virus that has corrupted Windows system files or other iTunes related files.
  • Another program has deleted iTunes related files by mistake or on purpose. In the second case, it would be a kind of virus.

How to fix the error -54 in iTunes

We update the system

The first thing we will do, as always, is to check if we have any pending updates. If we have it, we install it even if it is not iTunes itself.

Choose the library again

The next thing we will do is open iTunes by clicking on ALT (Mac) or Shift (Windows) and choose the “iTunes” folder to detect the library again. It is possible that this way everything will work correctly again.

Repair the library with CrashPlan

If the library is corrupt and we cannot recover it by re-indicating its path, there is an application that can succeed. It’s called CrashPlan and it’s free. The steps to restore the library with this program are as follows:

  1. We open CrashPlan.
  2. We click on Restore.
  3. We locate the iTunes folder.
  4. We click on the desktop to change the place of restoration.
  5. We click on Restore.
  6. Choose the library again as in the previous method.

Scan the system with your antivirus

The next thing we will do is pass our antivirus to make sure we don’t have any software that could be causing the -54 error. Logically, depending on the software we will use a different interface and system.

Clean the garbage system and temporary files

On Mac, a good free cleaning tool is Onyx (for a fee, CleanMyMac is the best). For Windows, the best tool is CCleaner. If you do not know very well what you are doing, it is recommended that at most you do the basic cleaning. If you try to clean too much, you can delete files that are useful to you.

Uninstall and reinstall iTunes

In addition to iTunes, we will also uninstall and install all related software.

Recover a previous state

On Mac, we can use Time Machine to return to a state prior to the last change made. In Windows, we will use the restoration system.

Update the drivers

In the same way as the software, it could be that the error -54 came as a result of outdated drivers. On Mac, that is automatic, but on Windows it is not always, especially in older versions. You can use DriverDoc for Windows, which will save you time, effort and health when looking for them.

Repair Windows registry entries

Note: For security, this method does not include all the steps. Each one is responsible for their actions if they put their hands on the system registry.

The registry entries are of those things that can make our hair look like scarp, and it is not for less. But well, here we will try to explain what to do to repair corrupt entries that may cause the error -54.

  1. Let’s start
  2. We type “command” without the quotes in the search, but we don’t give Enter.
  3. Keep the Control + Shift keys pressed and, now, press Enter.
  4. In the window, we click Yes.
  5. In the window that appears, we type “regedit” without the quotes and press Enter.
  6. In the editor, we choose the entries related to the error – 54 (for example, iTunes) from which we want to make a backup.
  7. In the file menu, we choose Export.
  8. In the Save list, we choose the folder where we want to save the iTunes registry entries.
  9. In the File Name box, we write a name for our backup file as “iTunes Backup” without the quotes.
  10. In the export window, we make sure that “Selected branch” is checked and click on Save. The file will be saved with the extension .reg.

As I said before, for safety and to heal ourselves in health, you have the following steps outside of iPhone News. In the following link you have the guide for Windows 7, but I have used them and they always work the same way.

Edit registry entries in Windows 7

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