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How to find and install apps on Apple Watch

How to find and install apps on Apple Watch

When we receive a new device, such as the Apple Watch, the first thing we will logically do is take a walk through the interface to familiarize ourselves with the new system. The next thing we will do is start add all the applications that we will use on a daily basis. In this guide we will explain how applications are installed on Apple Watch.

The process, as usual with everything related to the smartwatch of the company based in Cupertino, will be very familiar if we have already had an iPhone or iPad. And, for our convenience, the work is done from the larger screen.

How to find and install applications on Apple Watch

  1. We open the application Apple watch on our iPhone.
  2. We play in Outstanding or Search for on the bottom.
  3. We look for any application that we would like to install just as we would with any iPhone application.
  4. We play in My watch.
  5. We play in one application.
  6. We activate the option Show app on Apple Watch.

As you can see, the system to install applications on the Apple Watch is similar to the system used on the iPhone, with the difference that we will have to tell the iPhone what applications we want to see on the smartwatch.

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