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How to display the navigation bar in Safari for iOS

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Without going any further, the Safari browser for iOS hide the navigation bar when we start scrolling down the page so we have more screen to navigate. But if we want to access the navigation bar we have to move the page up so that the navigation bar automatically appears.

For occasional navigations it is not much trouble, but for example you are using the browser to consult a lot of information, this option becomes very annoying and it makes us waste valuable time when adding bookmarks to the web in question or when opening bookmarks that we have stored in Safari.

Fortunately we can invoke the iOS navigation bar if you have to swipe the page we are visiting up, we just have to click on the bottom of the screen to display it. In this way we will avoid having to make the happy move that normally removes us from the screen the information we wanted to contrast with other websites or documents.

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