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How to delete songs / albums from iPhone without iTunes


The new models of iPhone, continue to start from 16 GB, irrational figure you look where you look, since they are not real. The really available space is about 12 GB, which with four games, several photos and videos and some music fall short of the first change, which forces us to manage very carefully everything we have stored on our device. A few weeks ago we showed you several solutions to manage the storage space on the iPhone, for all those who have a 16 GB device.

If you do not have a streaming music service and depend exclusively on the Music application on your iPhone, and you need to get space quickly, you can the first option to consider is to free storage space of this application, which we can later recover and reload by connecting our iPhone to the computer.

Free space from our iPhone by deleting songs without iTunes

First and foremost, it is assumed that We have a copy of all the music content available on our iPhone, If not, you should make a previous copy so as not to lose it in case you need storage space urgently (the quality of the videos we recorded with our device take up more and more space).


  • First we go to Settings.
  • Within Settings, click on General> Use.
  • Then click on Manage storage, where the space occupied by all the applications that we have installed on our device are shown.
  • Click on Music and all the albums we have stored on our iPhone will be displayed.
  • To delete an album, click on Edit, which is in the Right upper corner so that all albums show the delete sign on the front.
  • To delete the album in question, we will swipe left on the item in question, until the Delete option is displayed, an option that we will press to delete the album in question.
  • If we want delete only songs, we must click on the album where it is located (before clicking on Edit) and search for it. Once we find it, we will proceed in the same way, by clicking on the Edit button and sliding your finger to the left on the song that we want to remove from our music library stored on our iPhone.

Let’s see if with a little luck in the developer conference that Apple will hold in early June, we can see a new less loaded version of iTunes, that allows us to carry out the processes in a simpler way or that allows us to use different applications to manage music on the one hand, photos on the other, applications on the other … So that the operation of the application is not as tiring as it is today.

I’m sure I’m not the only user who only uses iTunes to chat a copy of the images I download from the device for later reference. I never use it to install applications or to synchronize music I have in my library, since there are other applications such as iMazing, which allow us to perform this process in a much simpler and more comfortable way than iTunes.

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