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How to clear Safari history and data on iOS

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Every time we surf the internet, regardless of whether we do it through our mobile device or through a PC or Mac, the browser we use keep a history of all the websites we have visited In addition to saving the data of the activity we have done.

This information, depending on where we do the browsing, can become a problem, since in some work, the browser can only be used for work issues and no case for particular topics. Mobile devices also keep the same history, history that in both cases we can easily delete.

If we have run out of battery in our device and have had to resort to a friend to perform a search, most likely before leaving it, delete the history and data you have in Safari, if we are talking about an iPhone, a task that is recommended hacer once we return the device to its owner Once we have performed the search we wanted, as long as we do not want our friend to know what page we have visited and what data we have entered.

Clear browsing history and data in Safari for iOS


  • We go to Settings
  • Within Settings, we look for Safari and click with it.
  • Within this menu will appear all the options that we can make with the iOS browser. We go to Clear history and data from websites.
  • Clicking on this option will show a confirmation sign informing us that the history, cookies and other browsing data will be deleted, in addition to deleting the history of the devices connected to your iCloud account.

If we request a friend’s iPhone and do not want to leave a trace, the best option instead of having to erase the history and data is to perform a private search, so that no trace will be saved on the device once we close the used Safari tab

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