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How to ask us before deleting an email


Checking our email is something that many users do many times throughout the day. Deleting (or archiving) an email on iOS is easy, too easy, since we only need to touch the trash can icon, which can sometimes cause let’s delete an email that we really wanted to keep. If we want to avoid an unpleasant surprise, it might be a good idea to activate a option that will make us wonder if we want to delete (or archive) a message before performing the action. Like many other functions or features in iOS, it is a very simple process, but you have to know that it exists to be able to do it, logically. To do this, you just have to perform the following steps.

How to ask us before deleting an email in Mail

  1. We open the Settings of our iPhone, iPod or iPad.
  2. We are going to Mail, contacts, calend.
  3. We activate the option Ask to delete. The change will be instantaneous.

think it is important to comment that we will only be consulted if we want to delete mail if we touch on the trash can icon. In iOS 9 we can delete emails by sliding to the left by taking a long tour. If we do it this way, the mail will be deleted without consulting us and without any warning. It is assumed that this option is to avoid accidents and it is also assumed that if we make the full gesture of sliding to the left, we do it on purpose, so the system understands that it is not an accident and performs the action directly.

In my opinion, this option should be enabled by default for more security. We should be the users who have more control over these things who deactivate “Ask to delete” if we wish. Apple may leave it disabled for convenience, but security is always better than comfort.

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