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Guide to improve the autonomy of your iPhone



IPhone users know very well that the battery of our smartphone It does not last as long as we would like, we cannot say that they are not good or that iOS consumes in excess since on the contrary, it maintains a dignified autonomy and comparable to Android models that far exceed it in capacity.

This relationship of capacity / duration (or performance) is known as efficiency, something in which our iPhone are the best, and this is embodied in the numerous benchmarks such as AnTuTu 6 where iPhone 6s is categorized as the most powerful smartphone of all and Despite such power and its reduced battery capacity, it follows the trend of the vast majority of smartphones in the reach the day of use.

However, we would all like our iPhone to last longer, unless we arrived yes or yes at the end of the day despite intensive use of it, unfortunately this is not so, however good the efficiency of our iPhone, the capacity of its battery is limited and is below average, Apple has even reduced it in its new iPhone 6s model in reference to the previous 6 models.

A greater battery capacity would mean sacrificing slightly the design of our terminal, making it heavier and thicker, or sacrificing internal components to make more room, since inside our smartphone, space is the only thing that is not left over.

But users manage, and our iPhone can be given a lot of if with slight adjustments in its configuration that will improve our user experience and increase the battery life.

These readjustments are in various fields, but basically what we are going to do is free our terminal from so much work so that it can rest more and this lengthens its energy a little more, all without us noticing any difference in daily use.

Let's start to improve the autonomy of our iPhone, for this we must have it at hand and follow the next steps.

Deactivate components according to their use:

One of the most logical and most helpful steps in this situation is to deactivate certain aspects of our terminal when we are not going to use them, aspects such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and data connection (3G, 4G) .

In this section we should also include the GPS sensor as one more, however I prefer that it does not enter the list since it directly influences the use of the terminal and can lead to various problems, for example, with the GPS deactivated Find my iPhone It is virtually unusable.

Disable Mobile Data:

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<p>The dynamic is as follows, if you enter your home and have Wi-Fi connection, the best thing you can do is deactivate the terminal data, so our iPhone makes exclusive use of the Wi-Fi connection and stops trying to keep in touch with the mobile internet antennas of the operators (doing this will not mean stop receiving calls or SMS, these services will still be available).</p>
<p>Following the same line, when leaving home we can reactivate mobile data and disable Wi-Fi, or disable Bluetooth if we are not going to use it.</p>
<h3><span id=Disable Wi-Fi:

Turn off Wifi

Disable Bluetooth:

Turn off Bluetooth

Background Updates

Background updates are part of an iOS function that Apple introduced with iOS 7, thanks to which installed applications could make limited use of our internet connection and location without having been opened by the user, iOS learns what use we give each application and in this way for example our Facebook feed is downloaded at the time we usually open the app or even when we arrive at the site where we usually open it, however this function does not work at all as it should and is often simply useless (which not always), so it is recommended to deactivate certain applications in this list to avoid excessive consumption of data and battery, and keep others activated so as not to worsen our user experience.

Disable app background update:

Disable ActSegPlano