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GeoHot receives financing for its autonomous car

GeoHot en su coche autónomo

For large companies, it seems clear that the next important product is related to cars. Google and Apple have already launched Android Auto and CarPlay and it seems that they are both working in an autonomous car. But it seems that they are not the only ones who think about it. Other less important people are also preparing such vehicles, such as the famous hacker George Hotz, aka GeoHot, known for belonging in the past to the jailbreak scene or releasing the PS3, which even took him to court.

Last year we learned that GeoHot planned to create its own autonomous car software and formed the Comma company with the intention of being one of the pioneers in providing intelligence to vehicles. At first we might think that a boy who does not reach thirty years of age could not compete with Apple, Google or Tesla, but rumors are already circulating to ensure that GeoHot has secured financing for his project.

GeoHot is closer to creating its autonomous car software

The Hotz autonomous car project could have had a more difficult childhood, but the CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk noticed him and even offered him work, a news that we all learned soon and that made good publicity of GeoHot, Comma and his project of an autonomous car that will use the Ubuntu operating system to work. At the moment, the company has a value of about 20 million dollars, which is not bad for a company that was born from a bet.

GeoHot too has created an important team in his quest to create an autonomous car that enjoys excellence. The famous hacker was also joined by Yanus Saatchi, a Doctor of Philosophy of artificial intelligence. Jake Smith is also part of the team, an important person in the Bitcoin community. In addition, Hotz also plans to expand the team before the summer by hiring people with knowledge in machine learning and the field of consumer hardware.

GeoHot and his team do not have any prototypes yet, but they believe that Comma will be able to offer something by the end of the year and that the ultimate goal is “be a software provider for car manufacturers and suppliers“.

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