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Forbidden the sale of the Apple Gold Watch in Spain

apple watch de oro

gold apple watch

Apple has encountered a problem in Spain that it had not contemplated. Every manufacturer or trade that wants to market with products made of gold, must request an express authorization for this type of object and although Apple has made the different requests to the General Directorate of Industry, which regulates the sale of this type of objects made of precious metals, it has finally been denied so that Apple cannot have the gold Apple Watch that is so furious It caused the day of its launch in China.

According to law 17/1985, in order to offer a guarantee of the authenticity of this object, Apple needs a guarantee seal provided by an independent homologous laboratory in the European Union, as long as its manufacture has been made in it. But as usual, Apple manufactures all Apple Watch models in China and despite the fact that the company is American, the certificate It would have to be issued by an approved Spanish laboratory. Apple has provided a certificate issued by a Dutch laboratory, Waarbolg Platina Goud, instead of using a Spanish as dictated by law.

If Apple at any time sold this device without the necessary authorization, it would be violating current regulations and could be sanctioned economically. At the moment Apple has not ruled on this, but presumably they will have to contact a Spanish approved laboratory to process the corresponding certificate of marras that allows Cupertino boys to legally sell the Apple Gold Watch, a model that will not have much circulation in our country, but that more than one would like to have on his wrist.

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