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F.lux talks about iOS 9.3 Night Shift


One of the most interesting news that will arrive with iOS 9.3 is the already famous Night shift. This function changes the colors shown on the screen of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad for different ones, but it is not to protect our eyesight as I thought. Studies have shown that, if I have not misunderstood, the blue lights emitted by the screens cause our circadian rhythm to be altered, which takes us about an hour to sleep at night. This is something that the developers of f.lux, who have talked about Apple and its Night Shift.

In their statement, entitled “Response to the announcement of Apple,” f.lux developers Michael and Lorna are proud (and rightfully so) of being the ones who started offering us this possibility and ensure that they have something else prepared to launch it in the future. We remember that f.lux has been available in Cydia since 2009 and that it could recently be installed with Xcode and without jailbreak, but Apple withdrew the certificate, probably because they already had Night Shift ready.

In their statement, they ask Apple to allow them to launch f.lux for iOS and, for that, would you like them to open the API to help in sleep research and chronobiology.

Today we ask Apple to allow us to launch f.lux on iOS and open access to the features announced this week to support our goal of promoting research in sleep and chronobiology.

As we continue to innovate and improve our ideas, we do not lose hope of having the opportunity to offer our best and newest work to everyone who wants it. We have learned that people’s lives, biology and daily routines are amazing and wonderfully different and these differences must be embraced. There is no right answer for everyone, so we are committed to making the software increasingly adaptable and responsive to the needs of each individual.

Unlike other developers who have attacked Apple when it has included a function that did the work of its application, f.lux, we remember that it is a free tweak, just ask to collaborate to improve the lives of users. In any case, if after the launch of iOS 9.3 you start to sleep better, it is likely that who you have to thank is f.lux.

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