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Eric Schmidt, president of Alphabet and former CEO of Google uses an iPhone


It is not the first time nor will it be the last one that a senior manager of a technology company dedicated to software development, mobile device manufacturing or famously hired by one of these companies that is hunted using a competing device.

A few weeks ago we showed you how the vice president of Windows 10 Mobile Joe Belfiore, there were posted several tweets during your holidays with an iPhone, instead of using one of the two models they have recently launched. He justified himself by stating that he has to try all the phones in the market to see why people like him so much.

On this occasion he who has been caught with his hands in the dough is Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and now president of Alphabet, to which Google belongs. Schmidt went to South Korea, where Samsung headquarters is located, to witness the duel between a computer with artificial intelligence against the best Go player of the moment.

During the event, as we see in the photograph that heads this article, it can be like Schmidt takes several pictures with an iPhone (we don’t know the exact model) and sharing them later. It is quite striking that one of the top responsible for Android, do not use one of the different flagship models that manufacturers are launching, such as the Samsung S7 as it was in each of Samsung.

It seems that Schmidt, that fHe was part of the board of directors of Apple Between 2006 and 2009, he continues to keep loyalty to the Cupertino-based company. But it is not the first time that Schmidt is caught using a device from a rival company. During the time he was part of the board of directors of Apple, he could be seen on more than one occasion with a Blackberry.

By the way, won the computer.

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