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Does iOS 9.1 improve the performance of older iPhones?


iPhone 4s – iOS 9.0.2 vs iOS 9.1

The first video speaks for itself, iOS 9.1 is a little faster than iOS 9.0.2, It is not much, but it is something, to consider in a device with such a limited processor, with four years behind it. It’s amazing how well Apple has done to improve the performance of a device through software optimization so many years later.

iPhone 5 – iOS 9.0.2 vs iOS 9.1

Same result on the iPhone 5, the difference is not crazy, but the benchmark and the opening of applications ahead of you, you feel much better to the animation movement that iOS 9.0.2. The battery has also been another aspect that iPhone 5 users will receive with joy.

iPhone 5s – iOS 9.0.2 vs iOS 9.1

Exactly the same result as in the previous videos, iOS 9.1 is slightly more fluid in iOS 9.1 than in iOS 9.0.2, animations and applications open more calmly. More logical if it fits in a device that despite having two years It has a 64-bit processor That yields spectacular. If it is true that the difference is not too noticeable, it is more appreciated in slow motion, especially in small flips of the animations.


If you do not need the Jailbreak, and you are not happy with the performance of iOS 9.0.2, we advise you to perform a completely clean restoration of your device to install the iOS 9.1 operating system, it is quite obvious that Apple has worked hard to optimize it, in addition of the good results in terms of battery it is providing. Thanks to the guys from iAppleBytes for the videos

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