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Discover these three ideal cell phones for gamers | Technology and science | Mobile

Discover these three ideal cell phones for gamers | Technology and science | Mobile

While any major manufacturer ensure that their flagships are ideal for any gamer, this article focuses on the cell phones designed from its design and performance to meet the needs of regular users of video game.

Although the offer is still not as wide as expected, and different brands dare to present equipment with designs that feature large screens, nen colors and the possibility of adapting modules to further impregnate the phone.

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Either with a software that contemplates a graphic processing of tip to give the greatest possible realism to the games or that its memory, response time and refresh rate are sufficient for a performance that does not leave the user stranded in the middle of the game, gamers smartphone manufacturers are clear about what their users expect, which increase more and more without neglecting the demands.

Huawei Mate 20X

A phablet with 7.2 inch Oled screen that promises revolutionize the mobile work and entertainment experience It is one of Huawei's big bets to attract the public gamer.

As part of its Mate line, the Chinese giant presented the Mate 20X phone earlier this year, which promises players the chance to immerse themselves in their own world, as The equipment is accompanied by a gamepad that allows the user to use a joystick and other complementary controls.

This feature, accompanied by a Turbo 2.0 GPU that allows faster and more complex games, dual symmetric speakers on both sides and a range of up to 40 db to reproduce from serious to high-pitched audios with clarity, richness and depth, make the equipment a comparable option with the portable Nintendo Switch console.

The Mate 20X has a 5,000 mAh battery, a 7 nm Kirin 980 octa core microprocessor and is available in 6 GB and 128 GB versions.

Asus ROG Phone II

The second generation of smartphones in the line for Asus video game users, Republic of Gamers (ROG), has as its main promise the performance.

The ROG Phone II, whose battery is 6000mAh, has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus processor with a speed of up to 2.96GHz and Adreno 640 GPU image processing that provides a speed of up to 675 MHz to make the gaming experience as fluid as possible.

In addition, in response to overheating, one of the main problems of gamers, the mobile is equipped with a Game Cool cooling system that brings an internal 3D steam chamber.

Also, the phone aims to provide fully immersive game days, as it counts with dual surround vibration and incorporates ultrasonic sensors with AirTrigger technology, so that instead of using two fingers when playing, the user can use four, two for the screen and the other two for the triggers.