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Definitive guide with the best tricks of iOS 13 Part III

Definitive guide with the best tricks of iOS 13

We continue with the summer guides to prepare iOS 13 and its arrival in mid-September. This is already the third installment of our definitive guides that would allow you to take full advantage of the performance of your iPhone thanks to the advice that we are going to give you. And as usual, each iOS release contains a lot of small details that are not named in the presentations for obvious reasons. We show you what are the best tricks and features that you might not know about iOS 13 and that will allow you to squeeze your iPhone, discover them with us.

The first thing I leave here are the two previous editions of this guide, and is that each of them houses a good number of details that you should not miss:

If you have already read them, it's time to go into this third guide with more things you still don't know. However, we take the opportunity to remind you that in our YouTube channel we have a good number of tutorials that you can see in the most entertaining and easy way (LINK).

How to connect two Bluetooth headphones at the same time

This possibility of connecting several Bluetooth headphones at the same time was already present for some time on a good number of Android devices, however, it has not been until the arrival of iOS 13 when the iPhone is allowed to stream sound to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time. As expected, this functionality is restricted to devices of the Cupertino company (for now) such as the Beats and the AirPods, however, it could not be easier for two users to enjoy the same music with a single sending iPhone.

To make it work it is quite easy, if we have the user who owns the other AirPods in our system In Family or added to contacts, when we click on the Control Center> AirPlay, our AirPods and those of our friend or family member should be shown at the same time . This also happens of course when the other AirPods are ours. If the extra headphones you want to connect do not appear on AirPlay, simply reset them and pair them via Bluetooth just to your iPhone. From that moment you can adjust the volume and playback individually for each pair of Bluetooth headphones even if it is only an iPhone that is emitting sound for example from a music application or an iPad in which you are watching a movie. A simple and ideal function.

Say several reminders at once to Siri

One of the star functions of Siri is precisely the one to write down reminders, at least it is the functionality that I use the most, since in most of the other capacities it is not that it is too independent. The problem was that until now when we created reminders if we named them all in a row, Siri created us a single reminder in which he grouped a list of them.

Now with iOS 13 Siri will allow us to create a list of different, separate and individual reminders through the same order. To do this we simply have to say "… and" between reminder and reminder, for example: Siri, create a reminder for tomorrow at 10:00 called "meeting with the boss", and at 11:00 "go shopping." In theory, this is how easy it is that we will be able to create a series of individual reminders through Siri quickly and easily. The reality is that so far this ability is effective in English but not so much in Spanish.

Block calls from unknown numbers

The nap interruptions are over, advertising calls and all those hoaxes that waste our time and deconcentrate us at the most inopportune moment. iOS 13 now includes the possibility of silencing all the calls we receive from unknown numbers, without exception, each of these calls we receive will go directly to our voicemail if we have it activated, or They will hang automatically without ringing our iPhone.

But nevertheless, This functionality also has a negative aspect, and that is that it will silence all the calls that come from contacts that we do not have added in the phonebook, and this can be really extreme because we may miss calls from clients that we don't have, from the hospital or from any public entity that needs to contact us. Be that as it may, it is clear that it is a functionality to be perfected and that it should not always be activated by default, but that can come quite well for those cases in which we need a plus of concentration and we cannot afford interruptions, although for that there is the Do not disturb mode, right?

Apple Maps Hour has its own “Street View”

Apple Maps is always going to rebuild Google Maps, this is inevitable and is that the great Google that everything can handle a more important and efficient amount of information than Apple. But nevertheless, Cupertino’s firm also puts its efforts into making its map and navigation system work well, That is why they have now added functionality that makes sense of the fact that lately we have been seeing many Apple Maps cars navigating our roads around the world.

Apple has added its own “Street View” to Apple Maps, This capability allows us to navigate at the same time on the 2D map and shows us a preview of the streets. As for image quality, information management and navigation, the reality is that Apple has passed right to Google Street View, however, for now it is only enabled in San Francisco although it is expected that in the coming months it will increase in shape Remarkable the amount of cities and streets available in this system that is the first step before navigation through Augmented Reality.

You know, if you want to tell us more tricks or have your own doubts, don't forget that we have a comment box where we can solve any question and thus provide more information to the iPhone News community whenever you want.

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