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Create a shortcut to iOS WiFi settings without jailbreak



IPhone users are very aware of one of the main shortcomings of iOS (although year after year improves), customization, and this lack forces us to conform to our system in the way that Apple has designed it (except if we access the jaibreak, a process through which this lack becomes an advantage).

One of the aspects that I least like about how Apple has designed iOS are shortcuts, until iOS 7 we did not have the Control Center (you will remember that we used the famous SBSettings, a horrible aesthetic tweak from my point of view) and being in iOS 9 the Control Center still leaves much to be desired.

My particular problem is the have to open Settings to want to access a new Wi-Fi network, this would not be a problem if it could be done quickly and easily, however if I want to do it I must close the app I am in, look for Settings (since in some cases it may be lost by the springboard, although I have it on the first page), open it, access the Wi-Fi menu and then touch what you need to reopen the app in which it was previously.

This It can be streamlined in a very simple way, a way that has been known in the world of jailbreak (thanks to CCSettings), which is opening the control center and holding down the Wi-Fi symbol, which directly opens the Wi-Fi Settings screen, a example that Apple should take as a model, but unfortunately for us it has not been.


I propose another solution, a solution similar to the one offered by the jailbreak but without the need for it, however it is also a solution rather oriented to those who are not counting the megabytes available on their iPhone (in other words, users with iPhones with 8 or 16GB of storage).

This is because the only requirement is download a free application that weighs 60MB approximately.

This application is called My router and it is free, this application has as its main function the management of Xiaomi routers.

My Wi-Fi (AppStore Link)

My Wi-Fi

Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd4

The lucky owners of a Xiaomi home router You will see this application much more useful (obviously) because it also allows testing on the network we are in, access the router management application and even instantly improve the speed and quality of Wi-Fi on our device thanks to The Intelligent QoS (Quality of Service) function that these incorporate, at the end of the article I will leave a couple of links for you to take a look at the latest generation models, all of them for a very competitive price and with high-end features.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that No registration required In the application to have the widget, just install and open the app once so that from the control center you can add it to the “Today” section, then we can do what we want with the application and make use of this widget to increase our mobility through iOS, a system that despite being so advanced still has basic lacks that must be solved.

If you know about some other method For users who do not have the jailbreak and that is simpler than this, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments!