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China is the new App Store engine


During the year we have finished. China, together with Japan and the United States have accounted for 90% of total downloads and revenues which has obtained the Apple app store worldwide. China, despite having surpassed in device sales and number of application downloads, has placed third in revenue from app sales and in-app purchases, but most likely this year, it will far exceed To the Americans.

Part of the growth suffered by the downloads during 2015, Comes reason for the large number of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold in China and that have meant an authentic revolution in the Apple ecosystem, offering larger screens than those of previous models. The new iPhone 6s and 6s have only strengthened that data.

Regarding the type of applications most downloaded by Asians, we find that the games, with the most popular, represented 95% of downloads.

For its part the Google application store, Play Store, has exceeded the number of downloads to the App Store, but unlike Apple, Google has earned almost half the revenue of the Cupertino-based firm’s store.

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