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Barack Obama writes his first tweet from an iPhone


The president of the United States, Barack Obama, has released a few hours ago a personal Twitter account. Everyone knows that he already tweeted with the @BarackObama and @WhiteHouse accounts, but these were two accounts managed by a White House Community Manager and only a few of the tweets from these accounts are dictated by Obama.

The new personal account is @POTUS and it is assumed that it does not have “the filter” of its advisors. And, although it has always been said that both Barack Obama and the other members of the White House use Blackberry, can you guess where this first tweet was sent from?

Indeed, the first tweet of the president of the United States from his personal Twitter account has been sent from an iPhone. And not only that, but at the moment, the @POTUS account, which we insist that “in theory” is directly managed by Barack Obama, has already sent 3 tweets, two of his tweets and one in response to another account, and all three tweets have been sent by “Twitter for iPhone”.

To know where a tweet is sent from, an application that is capable of reading these metadata is necessary, as is the case with Tweetbot. As you can see in the following screenshots, everything Obama has written so far has been sent with the official Twitter client for iPhone. What happened to the Blackberry that always said it was used for security reasons? It seems that the White House would have seen that iPhone security is good enough since the launch of iOS 8 last September, as well as to use it themselves. Features such as total system encryption can make the iPhone very difficult to hack.

The official version ensures that the iPhone used is not that of Obama, but that of an executive from the president’s office. They say Obama continues to use his Blackberry as the main phone. But, anyway, that the tweets have been sent from an iPhone already imply that Blackberry is not the only brand that they consider in the White House for security issues.

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