Apple may face a large fine in Europe

From the news portal Bloomberg they have taken very seriously the possible fine that from Europe could reach the boys of Cupertino, and have brought out their mathematical skills to make an estimate of how much Apple has been able to defraud in Europe in tax evasion. The result has been chilling, nothing less than 8,000 million euros is what could be the total fine that Apple would be forced to meet. It really is not so much if we consider the benefits of Apple between 2004 and 2014, but it is a pinch that can hurt anyone.

According to the parameters analyzed, the European Commission could punish Apple for its tax evasion practices, imposing on the US firm the payment of a fine that would amount to 8,000 million dollars in taxes owed. This fine would refer to those taxes pending payment between 2004 and 2012 in the European countries involved. The controversy as to what Apple bills in countries like Spain and what really pays taxes here has always been the order of the day, and that is that the fiscal framework that Apple has in Ireland is worthy of study.

The European Commission will issue its verdict in the coming months, but what we ask from here is how they never realized before. It was something that always It has been the result of conversations in the economic field, the way Apple handled its taxes in the United States and Europe, obviously advised by some of the “best” economists and lawyers in the world, was on track to pay less. At the end of the day is what all companies intend to pay as little as possible, but you always have to adjust to the framework of legality, a framework that Apple seems to have exceeded by no less than 8,000 million dollars.

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