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Apple launches three new iPhone 6s ads

Apple launches three new iPhone 6s ads


The first announcement is called “Crush” and we can see the actor Jamie Foxx getting dressed when he asks Siri “Hey, Siri, how am I?” to which Siri replies “judging your voice, I would say you’re pretty attractive.” The most curious thing about this announcement is that Foxx says the command and makes his request in the same sentence, something that I think is not possible. It must be part of marketing but, if I’m right, it could be taken as misleading advertising.

Flip to Coin

The second video is called “Flip a coin” (throws a coin) and we have Jamie Foxx trying to decide which role to choose, so he asks Siri to throw a coin and it tells him “has come out cross”. With this, Foxx chooses the role Siri has told him. Again, he says the command and makes the request in the same sentence, something that has something to me, sincerely. Both this announcement and the previous one are from 15 seconds duration.

The camera

Finally we have an ad that they have called “The camera”, in which we see people taking photos, how we can access the fast functions with 3D Touch, Peek & Pop, how we access the photos, Live Photos, including one on the lock screen, the Retina Flash, the video camera and the slow motion, all in a one-minute video.

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