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Apple has problems with its streaming TV

apple tv 4

apple tv 4

Apple began negotiations with many television content providers almost a year ago with the intention of offering a package with affordable prices for all users that the Cupertino brand has around the world, as has been the case with music, Apple Music appeared to compete with the main services, without complexes and with a main attraction, the price. However, in the case of streaming television they are giving you many more problems than I expected, delaying the project again and again, as reported by John Skipper, president of the ESPN.

According to Mr. Skipper, president of one of the most recognized sports event broadcasting houses, Apple is having trouble creating something that works and is appealing to both televisions and the children of the bitten apple.

They have created a fantastic operating system that takes the television experience beyond, which would be great for the broadcast of sports of all kinds. We believe that Apple TV and its environment would be a fabulous framework to sell our products, for now we continue negotiating with Apple.

This is another stone in the way more for Apple's streaming television service, which seems not to reach a good agreement with any of the main television houses, both those that offer sports and those that offer other content are reluctant To share your piece of the cake with the Cupertino guys, however, including your products on Apple devices would be a good market opportunity and an ease for the customer. The President of the ESPN has said that it is likely that during 2016 we will see some type of television package to encourage Apple and ESPN to get the attention of the youngest.

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