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Apple changes arguments in its defense against the FBI


Well it seems that it has no end. Certainly Apple is being the champion of privacy against the Big Brother of the United States, although rather it may seem that it is a simple theater for the public, since there is no known private company that has been able to contradict the almighty United States Government , a government that knows how to press very well.

Meanwhile, we continue to strongly support Apple in this decision to stand against the back doors on iOS, since they do not only affect terrorists and criminals, it affects each and every one of us, as they would be giving permission to the “forces of security ”of the United States to repeatedly violate our privacy without even asking us, crossing the boundaries of legality and civil rights without any impediment. The funny thing is that the international law community is totally waiting for what is happening in the United States without manifesting from nowhere, but of course, taking into account the strength that the United States has in these International Organizations, it is better that they remain quiet.

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