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Apple begins to build its cloud under the pseudnimo "McQueen"


Everything has a beginning and an end. Apple has realized that it depends too much on third-party services to offer technologies to its customers, and this can often play against you, especially in terms of costs when you are a company the size of Apple. It all came up recently when Apple started talks with Microsoft with the intention of updating its agreement, and it is those of Redmond warn that they are not able to handle the continuous growth of Apple’s cloud services, so Apple would also have to support its services to grow in tandem. That is why since Cupertino they have realized that it makes more sense to work in the construction of their own networks instead of collaborating in the expansion of Microsoft.

Meanwhile, the continuous drops in services linked to iCloud begin to displease Apple in reference to the service that Amazon provides. According to reports, Apple does not believe that Amazon Web Services can load content such as images and videos fast enough. We do not know how they have taken to realize that iCloud Drive is not going as well as it should, it is common for iCloud to consume the entire bandwidth of a house without offering a file upload or download that matches this transaction.

With the intention of increasing and building these data infrastructures, Apple has bought large estates in China and Hong Kong. It is interesting to see howor Apple now that it has become one of the most valuable companies in history, has begun to become almost independent of competing companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, reducing its benefits and increasing its own. Undoubtedly, Samsung will be a little affected when it stops providing iPhone processors and in the future when it stops producing the screens. We will see how the whole thing progresses.

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