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Amazon offers us a cheaper Lightning


If we were to name a negative point about Apple and its products, I think the vast majority of people would say that the prices are a bit higher than we would like The price premium is present in both your devices and accessories for them. But it seems that Amazon arrives for offer us a more economical possibility in one of the most important accessories for the iPhone: the cable Lightning.

The charging cables provided by Cupertino’s have two characteristics that do not get along with each other. The first is the design, which is very thin and has a special touch. The second feature is that, if we are not careful and fold it by the part near the connectors, the cable will end up stripping, Completely destroying his image.

On the other hand, Apple’s normal official Lightning is of 1 meter, which is insufficient in some situations and can frustrate us. However the Lightning offered by Amazon is two meters, which gives us much more freedom and tranquility, I tell you that I have an official Lightning of 2m and have not yet had a single space problem with this cable.

To make matters worse, Amazon has achieved the MFi certification (Made for iPhone – Made for iPhone), which means that the cable will work perfectly and without surprises, since Apple has given them the approval for the manufacture of the same.

Regarding the price, the version that Amazon offers us It costs € 12.98 with shipping included. A much lower price than € 35.05 from the official Lightning (if we add shipping) of the same size. It even has a price of about half that of the 1m version.

I would like to update this entry by adding the impressions of some users who have purchased Amazon lightning. There are users who have complained that quality leaves much to be desired and that everything that glitters is not gold. In the end, the option that Amazon offers us is what I like to call “a bet”: we can bet and win or we can bet and lose the bet. Personally I have not been able to verify it, everything must be said, and I have to trust users who claim that problems may occur. That is why I do not want to talk about this cable as if it were a great choice.

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