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Almost 9 months later, Apple Music still has a lot to improve

Apple Music

Apple Music

I am a faithful user of Apple Music since its launch, I have to say that I took full advantage of the three free months and subsequently I was renewed three more months for free without knowing why. Since then, I have alternated and betrayed the platform on a few occasions by switching to Spotify, the reasons are simple, currently and probably in the future I will continue to squeeze my familiar Apple Music subscription, but it is quite evident that I need to improve in many aspects, Apple Music has stalled, from Appe they know it and they better solve it soon, or the frightened to the competition will be epic.

A system that promised

Apple Music

Apple Music had promised us many things, the first was full integration with Apple productsAs it could not be less, it has been integrated into the Music application in such a way that it has made it be relegated to the background, in fact, since the arrival of Apple Music it seems that they have wanted us to completely forget about offline music, but at least it is possible to deactivate Apple Music from the settings menu for which you do not have the slightest intention.

The second promise was a social system, a platform on which artists would often interact with users and fans, for this was the Co sectionnnect and his famous radio station Beats one, through the section Connect We were going to be offered exclusive content, news, words and videos of our favorite artists who will want to approach their fans in the best way, a true social network between the artist and the listener. However, everything remained on wet paper, the function Connect It is little less than useless, in fact while writing this same article I have entered for the third and last time in this section that offers absolutely nothing, since Apple knows it and admitted the “error”.

Finally the prices, The price promise is the only one kept and certainly the most attractive, It still offers a price range that has no competition, and the family subscription that can be used between 6 people is a candy for music fans.

A system that is not pleasant to use

Apple Music

A nuisance, that is literally what Apple Music has become. We start with the iOS interface, completely integrated into Music. This interface is the one that more or less gets carried away, that is, even though loading times are stupidly slow sometimes and that the fact that it stops playing or skipping a song for no apparent reason is common, the interface is carried away, although it is not necessary to look too hard to know that it is not up to that of Spotify.

Then comes the traca Apple Music has been badly integrated into iTunes, in a bad way because it looks more like a patch than anything else. What a headache occurs when without coming to the story, for having pressed a link from the App Store from your MacBook, it turns out that iTunes has decided to leave the Apple Music interface to reach the App Store, all this while still sounding the music, however, when you return you find the cake, and you must select Apple Music again. This in terms of OS X, Windows and its version of iTunes with integrated Apple Music is already a total nonsense, the application is ridiculously slow and nothing attractive makes switching between different songs.

To top it all, the service has suffered a few total cuts lately. However, it does not become bad, the catalog is fantastic, the sound quality is good and honestly, the price is its final attraction, it is impossible to compete for now with your family subscription, and I will continue using it as long as it is, but Apple has work ahead in terms of the Apple Music user interface. On the other hand there is Beats 1, the station is fantastic, the resident DJs are quite good and we occasionally meet with world-renowned guest artists. So, Apple must get down to work with Apple Music, in fact they have already dropped that the interface is undergoing renovations that we hope to see with iOS 10.

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