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Ace easily steals a WhatsApp account


Am I vulnerable to this security breach?

The answer is simple, the voicemail will be key in this puzzle, if you have the voicemail activated and you have not changed the default PIN that this service brings, it is enough that the fact that whoever wants to steal your account knows your phone number (something quite logical on the other hand) and wants to do so. If in addition to this, you have an iCloud backup of your conversations, the waste will be total.

What should I do to steal a WhatsApp account?

And now that?

We proceed to sneak into your voicemail, for this the first thing is to confirm with the help of Google which is the operator to which the mobile phone belongs whose voicemail we want to penetrate, if we did not know of course. Once found, we go to Google once again, in the search box we enter “Voicemail number of (here telephone company)”, when you have attended us again by a kind machine to which we will have to enter the telephone number and the voicemail PIN.

This is where we reach the turning point. The vast majority of operators do not require to change the PIN code of the voicemail, so it will be set by default according to each company in codes not very complex such as “1234, 1111 or 0000”, Google will once again give us a hand if we look for “default voicemail PIN of (telephone company)”.

The touch of grace

Now we make sure to simply activate the WhatsApp at a time when we know that the user will not answer this call, either because he sleeps or for any other reason. This audio verification code will be diverted to the voice mailbox whose password and access we have of course, is already just enter and fly.

Give me solutions

It is almost as simple or more to protect yourself as stealing them, here are some tips: Change the voicemail PIN, it is not too difficult and it will give you security in many more things than WhatsApp or deactivate the voicemail if It is not useful for you.

If you have been late and your account is already in the possession of another, the first step is to reactivate the session on your device, which will remove the session from the thief device and allow you to return to normal, but if it were not possible for one reason or another, in the contact section of the official WhatsApp Inc website you can find the methods to communicate with WhatsApp administrators who you can discuss your situation and will surely do their best to help you Recover your account. Once you have regained access to your account, do not forget to take the appropriate security measures.

Is this legal?

Obviously I want to make it clear to the moralists of the Internet world, that there are many, that my intention to publish this information is not far from encouraging criminals to carry out these practices, nothing is further from reality, my profession prevents me ethically Or imagine it. With this publication I only intend to demonstrate how our privacy is exposed, and often only when you see the wolf’s ears do you begin to take certain imperceptible things seriously.

I remind you, to the most perverse minds, that hijacking the voicemail or WhatsApp account of another person is protected by the Spanish Criminal Code and the Spanish Constitution as a crime against the privacy of the person, having more specifically jurisprudence about this type of telematic crimes a varied range of judgments of the Constitutional Court, taking into account that it could also be aligned with the crime of Identity Theft, by performing these practices you could step on a considerably swampy terrain. That said, and if you think you have suffered an attack against your rights of this kind, do not forget that the Spanish Civil Guard Telematic Crime Group will be happy to assist you in the next LINK processing your complaint.

Be good!

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