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a perfect projector peak for your iPhone


It is clear that the arrival of the iPhone 6 with its larger screen improves the multimedia experience. It is also true that we can connect the iPhone to a larger screen to improve this experience. But what would you think watch movies on a 120 ”screen? The RIF6 Cube projector It will allow us, although not at a low price.

With RIF6 Cube we can project the content of our iPhone 6 in high resolution on a wall, ceiling or on any surface (better if it is white, of course) that we imagine. This projector has a size of two inches, so we could take it even camping.

The Cube is a peak projector that comes with its own internal speaker, SD card reader and a HDMI input, where we can connect our iPhone 6. We must clarify that in order to connect our iPhone we will need a Lightning to AV digital connector adapter, which has a price of € 41.50 (at Amazon), a price without importance if we have already decided Acquire the projector.

The digital LEDs included in the projector would have a lifespan of 20,000 hours Playback at 50 Lumen and use DLP BrilliantColor technology to show a more natural experience with sharper colors. With the HDMI connector, this small box is capable of projecting images from 854 x 480 to 120 ”.

As I mentioned earlier, as it has an internal speaker and an SD card reader, no external device will be necessary, like an iPhone, to be able to project the videos. All we need is an SD card, a surface in front of us and popcorn to enjoy our movies.

The time of use can be a problem since the battery is only able to hold 90 minutes. If we want to watch a movie outdoors, it is clear that we can only watch short films, having to forget about great movies that exceed 2h.

The RIF6 Cube is not a cheap device. its price is $ 259But, if we consider that it is a projector of such a small size, the price may not be excessive. It can be perfect for people who want a quality projector without having to take up a lot of space in the room where they watch their movies.

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