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A German court rules against Apple for the misuse of streaming patents


The first demand Apple received regarding the use of patents related to streaming video is 2014, in which OpenTv alleged that this patented technology in its name was being used on iOS, OS X, iAds, Apple TV, the App Store and iTunes. The specific details with the possible fine that could have fallen to Apple have not leaked. What we do know is that the Düsseldorf court states that the devices sold by Apple cannot use the software used to stream since it is patented OpenTV name.

Apple has quickly claimed that it will appeal the court’s decision, even though in the ruling the judge in charge of bringing the case tosigned that the OpenTV lawsuit had been proven and argued Without generating any doubts. But this is not the only trial Apple and OpenTV are facing, but they also have another trial pending in the United States. The lawsuit focuses on the same patents used by Apple illegally, without going through the box.

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