A Foxconn factory is on fire where the iPhone is assembled

This sunday night a fire broke out at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou used to assemble the pieces that make up the iPhone. Apparently the fire started on Sunday night although fortunately it was quickly controlled by the city fire department and the damage has not been too high for what they could have been if the response of the firefighters had not been so quick and effective.

Fortunately this fire has not caused personal injury despite the great explosion that originated the fire, fire that they claim from Foxconn will not affect the production of the new iPhone models or any other company with which the Chinese company works regularly This is not the first setback Apple faces in its relationship with Foxconn. In 2011, an explosion at the Foxconn factory where the iPad was assembled killed three workers and fifteen others who were injured.

The working conditions of Foxconn workers have always been the subject of controversy and to try to wash their image for their customers, Foxconn is building a new factory that will allow anyone visit to check the conditions in which your employees work so that once and for all, doubts about labor exploitation and children cease to be related to the company.

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