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You can now use more than one account at a time on your Instagram


We anticipated it last week on iPhone News and the news is now official: from the next few days we can start use more than one account at the same time in the official Instagram application. The social network began testing last November on Android and iOS users have had to wait a little longer to enjoy a highly demanded function by the community.

Instagram has announced through its official Twitter account that the tool will appear officially for all users of the iOS ecosystem this week, after having conducted a series of tests with small groups a week ago. In this way we can register up to five profiles in the application without having to be entering and leaving the profiles every time we want to use a different account.

The notification system will not work as it has done so far, in case you decide to register more than one account at the same time. From these moments, Instagram will show us notifications intelligently. For example, we will see messages from the last account we have left open or the one we use most in our day to day, so we must be careful not to miss anything important in any of the accounts we have registered.

To switch between profiles, we will only have to click on the option of Settings and go to the profile we want to use at that time.

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