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Where does iTunes keep the firmwares of the iPhone, iPad?

Where does iTunes keep the firmwares of the iPhone, iPad?

Open Apple IPSW File

From the first version of iPhone OS, the files or firmware of an iOS device It has the extension .ipsw (iPhone Software). One way to explain what a .ipsw file is would be to say that it is the disk images of an operating system for an iOS device. In some Mac programs, the disk image is a .dmg, in many other programs these images reach us in .iso format and, although they are not going to be burned to a disc, this type of images for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad are the .ipsw files.

As firmware or operating system they are, the .ipws files will be necessary to update or restore an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad from iTunes, so we can only open them with the native Apple player, both Mac and Windows computers (not available for Linux). Explained this, there is still much to explain and in the rest of this post we will try to resolve all your doubts regarding the firmwares of iOS devices.

Where do you save iTunes firmwares

As different operating systems that are, when iTunes downloads a firmware for an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, it does so in different routes depending on whether we have downloaded it on Mac or on Windows. The routes will be the following:

On Mac

IOS firmware path on Mac

~ / Library / iTunes / iPhone Software Updates

In order to access this folder, we have to open the Finder, click on the Go menu and press the ALT key, which will make the library.

Show the library folder in OS X

On windows

Path of iOS updates on Windows

C: / users / (Username) / AppData / Roaming / Apple Computer / iTunes / iPhone Software Updates

In Windows the folders will be hidden, so we will have to enable “Show hidden folders” or simply copy and paste the path in the address bar of File Browser.

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