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Whatsapp is updated again with Bug Fixes


Again with premeditation and alevosia we find the new update of the most popular mobile messaging service on the market. Once again the update notes read a brief “Bug Fixes” that sows more doubts than anything else. I really start to think that they do it because of the mystery that it generates, to see our faces when reacting to an WhatsApp update that in principle should promise a lot, maybe the novelties that we have been demanding for years are there. But as always, this “Bug Fixes” hides something behind, it is a hobby of WhatsApp developers.

Among the improvements that we assume have been dedicated these days, we find that It seems that all problems with both the Safari links and the bug that did not allow sending videos to many iOS 9.3.1 users were solved and that ended up blocking the device if we insisted again and again on trying. For now it seems that that and nothing else, these WhatsApp guys are not too familiar with the arts of the new features, in fact, what little they do they do wrong, because this is another update dedicated to solving code errors from the previous one.

Meanwhile the competition continues with its strong step, despite receiving the back of users, messaging clients such as Telegram implement the sending of all types of files, stickers and even shortcuts for sending and searching for GIFs that are so popular They are being done today. We begin to lose hope and patience with Whatsapp, an application that retains the same design racano from iOS 7 and also takes advantage of a template provided by Apple itself to developers. In short, we remain alert to possible developments that we have missed in order to transmit them.

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