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WhatsApp has just reached one billion monthly active users


In the same message, Koum says that the service processes more than 42,000 million messages daily, 1.6 billion photos are shared, there are one billion groups created and 250 million videos are shared daily. Currently the application is available in 53 languages, but the intentions of the platform is to continue translating it into more languages ​​where it is not yet available today.

Yesterday we informed you of the new features that the next WhatsApp update will have, but we don’t talk about what would have to happen sooner or later after WhatsApp was bought by Facebook. In the next update I could also come a new option, quite hidden by the way, that would allow us to share our private data with Facebook, In this way the social network could guide the advertising that companies contract with them in a much more efficient way. Fortunately, this new function can be deactivated.

If finally this is confirmed the best we can do is Do not link both accounts through the phone number, a number that the social network has repeatedly asked us to be able to protect even more access to our account, but also serves to have more information about our person and also find out if we are users of the WhatsApp messaging application.

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