We tested Clint FREYA Bluetooth speakers


The current offer of Bluetooth speakers is too extensive. There are many models and it is difficult to choose a specific model since except for design variations, they all seem to offer us the same without any personality of their own. That won't happen to you Clint FREYA, a Bluetooth speaker model that will surprise you From the first minute you hear them.

If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker, with good design and that also has an internal battery to take it anywhere, keep reading the Clint FREYA review.

Clint FREYA, first impressions


Clint FREYA is the name that receives this 1kg and 7W Bluetooth speaker of power Yes, it is a single speaker although in our review we have had access to two units to enjoy the stereo experience that a FREYA couple can buy.

In the box of each Clint FREYA we will find:

  • 1 Bluetooth speaker
  • 1 auxiliary cable based on 3.5 mm jack
  • 1 power adapter to use the Speaker in a regular place and while charging your internal battery.
  • 1 user manual


When we take the Clint FREYA for the first time, we can appreciate that we are facing a quality product in which all the details have been taken care of to the fullest. Its design is cylindrical and much of its side is starred by a grid of points by which the sound is distributed in multiple directions, Very important for music to reach all corners of a room equally.

At the top we find a very intuitive keypad which will help us to control audio playback from the speaker.

Finally, in the back we can appreciate the auxiliary audio input, a USB port, A button to pair another Clint FREYA speaker and the power outlet.

Sound quality


As I am an old dog in this Bluetooth speaker, I sensed that the Clint FREYA were going to stand out in songs with a high content of medium and high frequencies.

We pair a single Clint FREYA to our iPhone, press the Play and confirm our suspicions. The sound is heady, I think they are the first portable speakers and Bluetooth that call me so much attention in terms of sound quality. All frequencies are perfectly appreciated, helping us to perceive the details of each song as if we were listening to it in quality headphones. Impress, really.

At the bass level, the Clint FREYA warns us. By this I mean that the grave is present but it is committed to a low quality frequency, sacrificing depth or forcefulness But be careful, let's not forget that we are facing a portable Bluetooth speaker so getting this is an achievement. There are no distortions, just a clear and clean sound that will allow you to enjoy your favorite music as you have never done.