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Twitter will allow you to silence notifications from the application itself


The notification management It is becoming increasingly indispensable in our phones, and is that, more and more applications are installed on our iPhone and more notices we receive from WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Twitter, among others. It is precisely Twitter that is testing a "mute" button that allows pausing notifications from the mobile application for a certain time.


This is the new Twitter feature

This new function, still in the testing phase, allow users to silence notifications in three time intervals: for one hour, three hours or twelve hours. This new configuration seems very useful for all those users whose tweets go viral, or all those people who are most popular on the network who do not stop getting notifications of all kinds.

This function appears in the upper right of the notification tab, with a crossed out bell icon. To select any of the three intervals of time already mentioned, we will only have to press on the bell and select the one we want.

Twitter works to have a more “friendly” service

Although no push notifications are received, These are stored in the notification tab of the application, which will help us not to lose any message or mention of our contacts. To disable this function, we simply must press again on the bell and select the time slot that we have activated.

Twitter has been working for a long time in making a service more "friendly" for users to reduce spam and give them more control over the application settings. In this sense, last June Twitter activated a new option so that anyone can hide the answers that you don't want to show on your timeline.

At the moment this function only available for Android, although iOS is expected to arrive once the tests are finished.

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