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Turn your iPhone into a drone thanks to PhoneDrone Ethos



Drones are all the rage, since Parrot started with his now known AR.Drone, going through DJI with his most famous model, the Phantom, until he reached what I present today, the revolutionary PhoneDrone.

To give you an idea, the high-end gifts today are equipped with sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, GPS, signal receivers, good cameras and processors and software at the height of the set, so prices range from a minimum € 600 and even exceeding € 1,000. But… What if we could have a done like this for € 100?

We all have in our pocket a smartphone, be it of better or worse characteristics (if you are on this website, you probably have an iPhone), and these smartphones come with those sensors, camera, GPS, and built-in wireless connections, in addition, they have a lot of processors more powerful than those of any done (In the case of the iPhone 6s we talk about a power comparable to a personal computer), the result is a device more than apt to be the new brain of one of these aerial devices.

That is precisely the idea that they wanted to exploit from the company xCraft, some professionals in the sector who already have their experience in the world of drones after their success with the acclaimed X Plus One, a drone capable of reaching vertigo speeds without losing concentration.


PhoneDrone is a "sheath" for our smartphone (Android or iPhone) that includes a motherboard full of chips, its own software and a battery. Thanks to this set we can introduce our phone inside and enjoy a fully functional drone, since the smartphone itself has already cost a good money surely, and now this will take care of using its full potential to maintain the flight, fly from autonomously or controlled from another device, Including the Apple Watch!

Can you imagine? We want to record ourselves from the air, we introduce our smartphone in this case and we order you to follow us, automatically our phone will be in charge of following us from the air without losing detail thanks to the mirror system that includes this accessory so that the camera angle focuses on Where we want.


For the security of the user (or rather of his smartphone), PhoneDrone makes use of several security systems such as the height limit or the automatic landing to avoid launching our smartphone in the air to fly is the last thing we do with it, from xCraft they ensure they have several security systems to guarantee a safe and fully functional flight, if we add that our smartphone will provide the connection drone of GPS data and very precise … It's over to see how your drone is flying until you lose sight of it!


The "drone" is available on Kickstarter at a price starting at € 195, the lowest for a drone with such characteristics (obviously the expensive part we have in our pocket), and being the first product to offer these functionality and come from a reputed crowdfunding company such as xCraft Kickstarter has awarded them the title of “Staff Pick”, which in other words means that it is a direct recommendation from the crowdfunding portal itself.


Without a doubt, the possibility of taking aerial photos from the Apple Watch is something that calls me a lot, and you? If the answer is yes, do not wait to get your unit on your official project page, since on the first day of the PhoneDrone campaign already reached its goal of € 100,000 and right now it's about to double it!

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