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These are my conclusions after several days with iOS 9



As simple as always, I can’t really verify if this beta can really be installed without having the iPhone UDID in question registered as a developer. However my partner Pablo Aparicio has confirmed that registration is not necessary to install this first beta. However it would not be the first time that some have installed the betas without registering the relevant UDID and in one or two subsequent updates Apple of the above betas have been left with a nice paperweight and have had to restore losing the relevant information.

Therefore, the first thing I do is remind you that installing is extremely easy, but If you are not willing to carry the advantages of carrying a somewhat unstable operating system or are accustomed to these needs, better forget it.

The novelties put to the test

The autonomy

Known Incompatibilities

  • Outlook: It does not allow us to switch between accounts and inboxes because the account change button on the left drop-down menu disappears.
  • Telegram: Crashes when writing a certain number of characters or more than five words approximately.
  • Spotify: It often crashes especially when starting a Playlist, but if you give it about ten seconds it comes back to life.
  • Whatsapp: Serious difficulties to reproduce audios and send photos, the lag becomes unbearable.
  • Swiftkey: Do not miss the introduction animation, although it works, you cannot configure it or change the color of the keyboard.
  • Deezer: It does not work.

If you know any other application to add to this list, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments to update it.