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The next bluetooth will be faster and will have more range


Bluetooth SIG is the organization that is responsible for developing and monitoring everything related to this technology. The organization is formed by more than 9000 companies among which are the main drivers such as Apple, Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo … Next year bluetooth technology will receive a new update that will allow you, among other things increase the range of devices. Currently Bluetooth devices communicate without problems in distances not exceeding 10 meters. With the new version, this distance can reach up to 40 meters, that is, four times more than the current distance.

Another aspect that will also receive a significant improvement is related to the speed of data transmission, which will be increased by 100%. Perhaps for the habitual user of this technology you will not see any improvement in this change, but it is an important improvement in the medical field. The last improvement this technology will receive is related to the consumption that will not be affected by these improvements.

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