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The iPhone belongs to your pocket, not the road"


The automobile industry is divided, with some sectors that support autonomous cars that are being developed by Apple and Google and others that criticize it, as is the case of the CEO of Porsche. In an interview with a German medium, the top leader of the luxury car company, Oliver Blume, said that “the iPhone belongs to the pocket and not the road“.

In this way, Blume criticizes the idea that technology companies are trying to make the leap to a market in which they barely have experience, since they do not see a future in which machines replace humans on the roads. In recent years, Porsche has introduced several tools in its vehicles that facilitate road safety in case the driver becomes distracted. The Porsche can drive autonomously when driving in a straight line and are able to brake automatically when the front vehicles start to stop. However, Oliver Blume has assured that Porsche has no interest in developing cars that are capable of driving on their own..

Therefore, the CEO of Porsche has rejected the idea of ​​partnering with technology companies like Apple to implement artificial intelligence in vehicles (hence “the iPhone belongs to our pockets and not the road”).

Nail somewhat risky statements those of the CEO of Porsche, considering that it seems that the industry is heading towards a future with autonomous cars.

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