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The iPhone 7 A10 processor is already being prepared


The world of technology moves at dizzying speeds. And the first Apple device with the A9 chip has not yet come out and Chip manufacturers are already working to prepare the A10 processor, chip that is expected to be included in the iPhone within two generations, the iPhone 7.

TSMC could cease to be an Apple chip supplier, so the processor manufacturer does not want to waste time and already is investing in a team that impresses Apple to ask them to manufacture the A10.

To get it, TSMC will establish a new 10nm pilot line consisting of 12 factories located in Hsinchu, which is expected to be completed in June. Moreover, the company has also initiated a semiconductor intellectual property program and promote your services for potential customers at the end of the year.

The main reason why TSMC has made this move is, without a doubt, the fact that Samsung has once again become an important supplier for Apple. The quality that Samsung is able to provide to the iPhone’s processor is difficult to combat, so TSMC has to put the batteries if it does not want the train of manufacturing processors for the iPhone to escape.

And this year, Samsung will manufacture 100% of A9 processors, a 14nm SoC that is expected to combine great performance with lower energy consumption. A big threat to TSMC for which Foxconn CEO allegedly contacted Apple using his influence so that TSMC recovered part of the cake being convinced that Taiwanese manufacturers need to work together to beat Samsung, since the Korean company could keep everything Taiwanese work.

However, it is difficult for Samsung to lower its arms. Koreans will not miss the benefits of creating the iPhone processor, so a reaction is expected to ensure they maintain their advantage in the battle to manufacture this important component of the iPhone.

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