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The FBI help a Prosecutor unlock two more devices



After the FBI has confirmed that it successfully unlocked an iPhone 5c that was allegedly owned by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks, it seems that it will not give up on iOS devices. The FBI has pledged to help the Arkansas Prosecutor unlock an iPhone and an iPod that could be involved in a homicide case. We do not know if they have hit the key or directly acquired software that will do all these tasks automatically, however, it seems that the FBI is going to get enough chest out of its "feat" to unlock an iOS device, a task that has led months

Two teenagers have been charged with the possible killing of two classmates, and the FBI has pledged to unlock an iPhone and an iPod owned by these boys. Meanwhile, the investigating judge has decided to suspend the procedure to observe the FBI's progress in unlocking both devices. Not many more details have been specified, in fact the FBI used as an excuse for Apple to end up giving up, that the method used on the San Bernardino iPhone would only be applicable in that case, meanwhile, it seems that once again they lie, and now they shake hands with the Arkansas Prosecutor to unlock two more devices.

The Arkansas Prosecutor has been in possession of these iOS devices since July last year, meanwhile, he has not been able to access their data in any way. Meanwhile, the lawyer of one of the teenagers has reported that they are not at all worried about what the device may contain after hearing the news that the FBI will help unlock them. Another soap opera more than an FBI thirsty for headlines.

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