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Specialists believe that Apple beat the FBI in the Courts

FBI Director James Comey Holds Media Availability In San Francisco

FBI Director James Comey Holds Media Availability In San Francisco

We talk about Cellebrite, a company dedicated to the forensic analysis of mobile devices, something that perhaps a few years ago was unthinkable but that today is even a business medium. Indeed, this company is helping the FBI in extracting data from the iPhone 5c, owned by one of the terrorists involved in the San Bernardino attacks, and notes that this data extraction is only part of the challenge. . They analyze the great changes that the creation of back doors can produce in our privacy, and leave to the air a series of questions and questions that sooner or later should be answered by the competent authorities.

On its website this company has left a small statement that is worth mentioning:

As in the rest of the evidence, the admissibility of the digital evidence depends on the kissing manipulation procedures throughout the entire chain of custody. Each link in the chain is responsible for the conservation, collection and recording practices of the appropriate documentation to demonstrate that this test has not been altered and is in its "original" state.

For example, it can be certified that a sound test has remained unchanged, and reports are produced that attest to it, so the test is true and accurate. However, when it comes to testing within digital devices, we must ask ourselves a series of questions:

  • Is it really a means of proof?
  • Has this test been reviewed by other independent experts?
  • Is the use of an expert's testimony on this matter valid in a trial?
  • Are these practices accepted within the forensic community?

The answers are obvious, with the creation of backdoors lthe chain of custody and the usual methods of obtaining evidence would go to the background, the tests would also be easily manipulated. All this would easily put the justice of this country in check.

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