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SimSimi, another unprecedented success on the App Store



Today we have to talk about an application that is giving a lot to talk, indeed, it is SimSimi, an application that has been cast at the top of the App Store in the free applications sector, an “application” that for many was a great unknown In fact, the YouTubers have been the ones who have just given the last push, but What does SimSimi hide? Why has it become so peculiar? The irreverent pet is not new at all, its development began many years ago and we are going to tell you all about it. We can't help but remember Tay, Microsoft's artificial intelligence that lasted only two days on the web before acquiring racist and xenophobic personality.

The application does not have any component that justifies its success, we have found databases with which to hold conversations long before, in fact Siri seems more complete. But what makes SimSimi peculiar is that it gives often irreverent answers, in some cases obscene and even that can be disturbing until exhaustion. But SimSimi is nothing but the fruit of the abomination that runs through the internet.

Origin and nature of Sim Simi

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<p>No, SimSimi is not new, <strong>SimSimi is an artificial intelligence created in 2002 by the development company called <em>ISMaker</em>.</strong> One of the peculiarities of this Korean artificial intelligence is that it can be actively fed by users, this is how this creation with the same nature that “Cleverbot” takes nothing more and nothing less than 14 years storing a huge amount of data, which It makes you a perfect conversationalist. In fact, it should contain a "privileged mind" that allows you to hold almost any conversation and that could answer almost any doubt, due to its fourteen years browsing and storing data on the network, it should be little more than a very valuable interactive encyclopedia.</p>
<p>But nothing is further from reality SimSimi has taken more than disturbed than enriching, a huge number of Internet users have long and tended to <strong>express through SimSimi once again the cruelty and darkness of the internet world</strong>, xenophobia, racism, machismo and a significant dose of SimSimi makes this pet, which should be an "intelligent" being, little more than a spoiled child with aggressive tendencies and a certain fetish for insulting the interlocutor on the other side.</p>
<h2>A reflection of the dark world of internet</h2>
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Now we find it in the App Store, however, we warn that it is not recommended at all for children, there are few reviews about SimSimi that warn of obscene language nothing recommended for minors, beyond its “kawaii” facade of a nice pet, we find a being who does nothing more than insult for free.

Why this success? Well, certainly I would not know how to explain it, perhaps it is the fact that it goes out of the politically correct and that the human being often tends to entertain himself with the most banal possible, because the application is completely useless beyond the grace that can result to us (if he can) his bad education.

To top it all, we find a somewhat mixed mix between Spanish and Latin American Spanish that will often take us down. Apple already warns in the App Store, you must be over 17 years to download this application. It occupies only 13 MB and works quite quickly, in a fairly considerable number of languages, which has caused a love – hate in the reviews of the clients that we all share.

If you want to try for a few minutes, we remind you that it is completely free and compatible with any device beyond iOS 7, so you can imagine the technical deployment. It includes integrated payments, especially to eliminate advertising that can be annoying, payments that I do not recommend at all. On the other hand, The Spanish translation of the application description in the App Store is a masterpiece of Google Translate.

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