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Runtastic Moment Classic, analysis of this wearable



The Runtastic Moment comes in a packaging quite similar to that of the company’s activity bracelet. The box is not the usual watch and instead, we found a transparent plastic blister That lets us see the appearance of the clock.

As we open this box, we realize that in this section, Runtastic could have worked it a little more. We are talking about a clock of 199 euros and there are certain details that should have been more careful in the presentation. The screwdriver is glued with jealousy on the inside of the cardboard, the box does not fit to store the watch safely when we do not use or put another, etc.

I understand that the cheapest model can afford such packaging but costing 199 euros, it leaves us a initial feeling a bit cold Luckily, it fades when we have the watch in hand.

Once we have removed all the contents of the box, we will find this:

  • Runtastic Moment Classic Watch
  • Screwdriver
  • Four spare screws for the case lid
  • Manual

First impressions

The clock in my hand is very beautiful, at least I like it. its 42 mm polished steel case in diameter gives an elegant, classic and sophisticated touch for the different bezels.

The decoration of the dial is also very simple and without frills. Simply a small sphere at the bottom will serve as a reference for control the daily activity we carry until fulfilling the objective marked in the application. Obviously, this simplicity forces us to turn to the iPhone when we want to see more detailed statistics such as distance, number of steps, activity time, etc. It is clear that if you want to do sports, maybe you should bet on the Runtastic Orbit.

The only button on the right side of the watch is for activate sleep log. We press it for a couple of seconds and a soft vibrating notification will indicate that everything is ready to go to bed, in addition, the needle of the sphere will point to a moon and that will also serve to know that the Runtastic Moment is set to night mode . When we wake up in the morning, we repeat the operation of pressing the button and the daily activity log will start again.

The strap on this Runtastic Moment model is from black skin, very discreet. The buckle shows the polished steel finish again and has the company logo engraved on it. A detail that I liked about the strap is that the pins that fix it to the watch case can be removed without tools, something that makes it easy to change it to any other of the same size.

As for autonomy, it is too early to have references but Runtastic promises that The CR2430 Lithium battery will last several months No need to change it, something we can do ourselves with the screwdriver included as standard and a little bit of skill. Undoubtedly, the absence of backlit display and the use of Smart Bluetooth It helps to achieve a long battery life, but as always, it will depend on the number of times we synchronize the watch with the iPhone.

Finally, at the bottom we can see some features of the clock, although perhaps the most interesting is its water resistance up to 100 meters deep

As can be seen, The Runtastic Moment is a clock with an activity monitor air. I think there are quite a few people who want to record their daily activity but as a curiosity and this product is perfect for that since its autonomy is good, it goes unnoticed and you can dive into the water without problems.

To know the data recorded in more depth, we synchronize the iPhone with the Runtastic Me application and ready. The watch is capable of storing activity for seven days without interruption so it is not even necessary to synchronize with the mobile every day.

As I said before, the Classic model It costs 199 euros Although there are more models to choose from and except for aesthetic reasons, the functionalities are identical in all ranges:

  • Runtastic Moment Fun: 129 euros
  • Runtastic Moment Basic: 129 euros
  • Runtastic Moment Classic: 199 euros
  • Runtastic Moment Elite: 199 euros

Except for the Elite model, the rest is also available in different shades to choose the one we like the most.


  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 199


  • Manufacturing quality
  • Autonomy and water resistance
  • Very discreet
  • Precision


  • Side button touch
  • Improvable packaging
  • Mobile unit to be able to set the time (possible against long term)

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