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Opening mouth for Keynote What to present Apple?


iPhone SE

Apple has wanted to please its staunch buyers who love compact devices. Remember that 30% of current iOS devices are handled in four inches, Apple knows this. However, he did not want to risk as he already did with the iPhone 5c, and he wanted to give continuity to a device that many have considered the most beautiful of the iPhone saga, we talk about the iPhone 5s, so, the iPhone SE will not be more than an internal update based on leaks.

Apple will show us a 4-inch device with its usual LCD screen, accompanied by the A9 processor and its M9 co-processor of the iPhone 6s, 2GB of RAM as well as its older brother and a 13 Mpx camera. A whole machine in small size. The battery has not been talked about at all, although considering the thickness of the iPhone SE is expected to be equal to that presented with the iPhone 5s. Of course it will come in the range of four colors of Apple, we speak of gold, pink, white and black. Its price is expected to range between 489 and 549 euros in Europe.

The iPad Pro “mini”

They expected the iPad Air 3 as water of May, or not, since certainly the iPad Air 2 is one of the machines that best moves today with iOS. An extremely powerful product that did not ask for an urgent update. However, it seems that Apple has decided to finalize the Air range of the iPad to give continuity to the Pro range, so, we will find an iPad Pro clearly, with the hardware imitating the original, but in a size of 9.7 inches, like those of the iPad Air 2 currently available.

It seems that Apple has insisted on doing everything the same, but smaller in this Keynote. So that, we will find the A9x chip and a considerable 4 GB of RAM. Similarly, the iPad Pro screen will be compatible with the new Apple Pencil as well as the device will bring four speakers that will give you the most professional audio possible. Of course, it will also include a SmartLink to adapt the keyboards, as already included in the iPad Pro 12.9 inches. It will be around 600 euros in Europe.

Renovations in the MacBook range and accessories

Of course, Apple seems that it will give a light wash to the MacBook range, we do not know if it will hype and saucer or in passing, but the MacBoo Pro scream for the new Intel Skylake processors that promise a consumption of battery lower than the current “i”. Also, in the price ranges and powers it seems that the MacBook Air begins to make no sense, so the solution would be to increase its hardware prominently or make the Air range disappear (as it will do on the iPad) to slightly lower the Macbooks and leave them as an alternative of light and stylized design to the Macbook Pro Retina. Another product destined to disappear is the MacBook Pro Alu that makes no sense at all in the Apple Store.

Accessories compatible with the new iPhone SE will also be presented, such as leather cases, accompanied by the keyboard cases for the iPad Pro Mini. The Apple Watch could not lose its place in the Keynote, it is rumored that the straps with new tones and materials will also be presented. So, do not miss the Keynote, here at 18:00 we will follow it live, telling you all the news.

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