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Nimbus from SteelSeries. MFi Controller Review


What devices is the Steelseries Nimbus compatible with?

The Nimbus is compatible with:

  • Apple TV 4.
  • iPhone 5 or later.
  • iPad Pro.
  • 4th generation iPad or later.
  • iPad mini 2 or later.
  • iPod touch 4th generation or later.

Box contents


We must recognize that the design is a bit strange, says someone who has used the PlayStation Dualshock for decades. What most attracts attention are the two side braces, but it is something that, once we take it, it comes in handy. The Dualshock has a very small support there and, if we have a little big hand, it is “flying” without support for most of the time. As for the buttons, it has the same as those of any console controller today:

  • Directional crosshead. View one, view all. The Nimbus simply feels a little different, neither better nor worse. It is a matter of getting used, although it is not widely used in most modern games.
  • Four action buttons (A, B, Y and X). They are closer together than in other controls, something that for many will be good but I think it is a mistake. I think it’s also a matter of getting used to it, but those of us who have a little big fingers will surely press the button that we don’t want to press more than once.
  • L1, L2, R1 and R2. In the case of the “2”, we have some gradual triggers. They seem comfortable to me, but I haven’t been able to use them in any game yet. We will have to wait and try it on some Shooter.
  • Analog sticks. They have the upper part inward, which may come in handy so that our fingers do not slip. The bad thing is that they are totally smooth in those holes and what we gain on the one hand we can lose on the other. If we do a little (very little) pressure, it seems that it grabs well.
  • Menu button, power button and Bluetooth button (if necessary to pair it).materials

The Nimbus is built in good materials; It is not a toy controller. He is a lord command. The only thing that doesn’t convince me is the brightness of some parts. But hey, we don’t have to be looking at the remote, if not at the screen. The buttons, especially the L and R, they seem much better than those of other controls and I think the same of analogs, although they seem a bit small.


The general command gives more feeling of quality than the official PlayStation controls, but this can be a subjective sensation. From the moment we take it, we get a pleasant surprise in that regard, although then there are things that can make us feel weird. I talk about the main buttons, the crosshead and the analog buttons, something that I think is normal every time we change control. If we just take it and put our hands in a position to play, we notice that it is a robust command It is worth as much as any other famous console controller, although the quality is paid.

Button Sensitivity

The Nimbus, as I said earlier, is a lord command. That includes the sensitivity of the buttons. I’ve tried playing classic consoles (emulated on the Mac) and Geometry Wars 3, for example, and analogs work quite sensitively. The problem that I see is that they are a tough tad, so if we want to make a gradual movement we will have to get used to the command. For everything else, perfect.


Steelseries promises that the Nimbus will have a autonomy of more than 40 hours (we’ll see). That is about three times the autonomy of Dualshock 4, which is said soon. We could be playing for almost two days without having to load the Nimbus. To charge it is done with a Lightning cable, which does not come in the box but we can use that of any iPhone 5 or later or iPad 4 or later.

Nimbus application for iOS

There is an application in the App Store to accompany our Nimbus. The application helps us to update the firmware of the Nimbus, as a tutorial and to find out what games are available in the Apple Store that support MFi controls, which is very good, of course.

The application is no longer available in the App Store


We can buy a SteelSeries Nimbus an Apple Store (here the web) for a price of € 59.95. It is about the price for which we can buy other controls of famous consoles, but I think it is a bit high to use it on iOS and Mac devices. I do not deny that in the future it will have more games available and that its price will be fair, but right now it seems a bit expensive.

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