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New emoji will arrive in 2016.


Since we communicated with our contacts with any computing device, we have been using different types of symbols to express our feelings. The oldest were the combinations of symbols? 🙂 which later gave way to emoticons in applications like Yahoo! Messenger or, the most famous until the arrival of WhatsApp, MSN. All this changed with the arrival of smartphones and super-used emoji.

With these new emoticons we can show many expressions, feelings and situations in an ingenious way and without any effort, so it is appreciated their existence and the arrival of new icons from time to time. And, in case you missed any, it seems that more emoji will arrive in 2016.

Logically, it is not known which ones will be added to those we already have available. They can surprise us with any icon, but it will be difficult for Apple to allow us to use the middle finger, something that, more for humor than for anything else, we would all like to have available on our keyboards. It would not be surprising if they added that of the paella, for example, for which a campaign was launched on twitter in the form of hashtag (#paellaemoji I think I remember) or that of the pregnant woman, two totally harmless emoji that could enrich our conversations by iMessage , WhatsApp, Twitter or any messaging application.

To contribute ideas, a document with 38 proposals has been created. Of those 38 ideas, there are some that I personally do not think we would miss if they did not add them, but there are others that are good ideas. For example, that of the emoji with the elongated nose to the Pinocchio that indicates that it is lying or the famous “face palm”. It is also proposed that a man dancing be added, something that seems to me a good idea because when men want to express that we are partying we have to put the Sevillian, that of that we men have little (unless we defer 😉)

Whatever comes, and although we already have many available, we wait for the new emoji with open arms. Wow Are there any with open arms?

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