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Milanuncios officially presents its official application



It was extremely strange that one of the most important powers in Spain in what to classified web He does not have an official app, although on the other hand it must be recognized that the usability and aesthetics of the web has never been the strong point of Milanuncios. Now it seems that with the rise of Wallapop it is time to go for mobile users, which is a success. Better late than never.

Better than the web

It wasn't very complicated, but given the web portal obsolescence The simple thing was not to aim too high with the app. Instead, Milanuncios is presented on the iPhone with an application that, without being excellent, is more than enough to live up to the circumstances and what is being asked of a company whose value is measured in tens of millions of euros. The usability is at all times more than correct and the performance of the application very good, without lag or jerks.

Use of course the typical color palette of the computer page with the characteristic green tones, and use large photographs with titles at the bottom to guide us through the sections in which we can find the buy and sell ads posts by platform users. Navigation through the menus and the ad itself is also well thought out and executed.

Wallapop alternative

In recent times Wallapop seemed to reign in the casual second-hand market, all thanks to being the best application for it on mobile. Perhaps it is still more interesting for the one who uses the smartphone exclusively, and it is time for Milanuncios to take another step towards the mobile and allow basic functions such as instant messaging without having to go through email or add WhatsApp to the seller.

The application is completely free, it does not have ads – beyond the sale of the products themselves obviously – and also allows us to publish ours in a matter of few minutes being able to take the photos directly with the iPhone and saving enough time in their publication. It also includes a management panel for our ads and the ability to save regular searches to visit them in a matter of seconds without having to perform the entire process again.

Our assessment

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Milanuncios – Buy and sell

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