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iTunes Match allow us to store 100,000 songs and be included in Apple Music

apple music itunes match

apple music itunes match

iTunes Match is about to become a much more interesting tool. Vice President Eddy Cue has announced, through his personal Twitter account, that Apple will increase iTunes Match limits as of iOS 9. At the moment, the service allows us to store up to 25,000 songs in the cloud, while Google Play Music offers the option to store 50,000 songs for free.

Apple does not want to be left behind in the music race and that is why it has decided to increase the number of files that we can store through iTunes Match. According to Cue, from next fall and after the official launch of iOS 9, we can save 100,000 songs in the cloud. Until then, the limit will remain at 25,000 files. Another question that arises is whether users will be forced to pay the annual iTunes Match fee of 25 euros plus Apple Music and the answer is no.

From Apple they have explained that "iTunes Match and Apple Music are independent services but that complement each other". This means that those people who subscribe to Apple Music starting tomorrow, they will get iTunes Match at no additional cost. iTunes Match will be part of the Apple Music plan. Therefore, if you have an album on your iPhone that is not in iTunes, iTunes Match will add it to your cloud.

iTunes Match has not undergone major changes since it was launched in 2011, but the service will be of great interest to all those who want to try the new Apple streaming music platform.

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